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April 16, 2004 2:21 p.m.

I can hardly believe this myself, but...I think I am back for good this time.

I had a dilemma. I felt uncomfortable on xanga where I've been writing for the past few months, but I just could not give up displaying my personal life on the internet yet - what's a girl to do? I was going to simply make a new username on xanga, but something just never felt right over there. Once a Diaryland girl, always a Diaryland girl. Y'all know what I mean by that. Though my many encounters out there in the "outside world" of journal writing, I found it funny how I still call it my online diary. To those outside the Diaryland bubble, it's always their "blog" or "journal". Diaryland has truly influenced everything I know about writing online. So I'm back, to my old username, my old entries.

I left because I didn't feel safe here anymore, but ironically enough this is the place I think I've always been the safest. All changes of location I made were introduced to new friends at school, old friends I would have never let read this, and the like. This made me a hundred times more watched than I think I ever was here.

I miss you guys, and I always secretly check my favourites list on D-land everyday. I never really left, I just truly was on "My Hiatus".

I changed my template because my gold membership had run out and as you could see, my images were not showing up. I like this one okay, and it keeps my old colour theme. Most of the links aren't linked yet, but I'm off to a facial appointment plus I have my last final exam tomorrow - ahem, in other words they probably will be linked soon, during a "study break".

I really haven't changed much, have I?

I'll make a real update of everything that has been going on in my life for the past year, for those of you who didn't follow me to my various locations. And even if you did, angel-stars needs a little reintroduction anyway.

Honey? I home...

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