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ex-boy will NOT ruin my hallowe'en
October 30, 2001 5:50 p.m.

Samantha is the most wonderful person in the world, because this whole princess-thing is very Krista. Colours, much better. So I will settle with this for the time being. Excellent.

I just tried to make a page for the diaryrings I belong to and I don't know if I did it right.

Tonight I need to write my 2000 word History paper, while cancelling my appointment for tomorrow morning, trying to get a hold of Amber to borrow something from her, figuring out my plans for tomorrow night, getting rid of my shift at work for Nov. 10...I swear there were more things I had to do. I'm sure they'll come to me sometime during the night.

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en. If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with Hallowe'en, it is my most favourite holiday of the entire year. I start thinking about Hallowe'en in March. I'm not exaggerating...

So I was feeling a little down because I never got to go on the Hallowe'en pub crawl Saturday night, half because of my rib and half because I basically felt like shit. I worried over my entire Hallowe'en experience this year, and racked my mind thinking, there has to be a party somewhere...why hasn't anyone said anything yet...there has got to be something cool going on..., and alas, I talked to Shannon last night. I asked her if she wanted to hand out candy with me and hang out, and she said she has a class from 7-10 p.m., which is beyond shitty. So we lamented that for a bit until I remembered something great - there's a Hallowe'en party going on at a club in Vancouver we frequent quite often. So I said, "Dude! Let's go to the Coyote in costume after your class!". And so now I have plans, and since then I've convinced five other people to come too. My Hallowe'en will not be ruined because of some stupid ex-boyfriend.

What I'm dealing with now is whether or not I want to drink. When it was just Shannon, Megan, Jordan and I going I wasn't going to for sure. But now that I've convinced Michelle, Danny and possibly Jess....meh. Danny is basically an alcoholic so I know him and Chelle will get drunk. I was really trying to work on sobering up this month because in a couple weeks I am off to UVic to visit Kim, among others, and that will be a weekend I will probably never remember again. Lindsey's already told me how much we're going to "party" (that is Krista-Lindsey lingo for smoke up) and I haven't smoked in so long, I am doing so well...

Just remembered something else I'm supposed to do tonight - carve my pumpkin.

This new template is making me want to go try on my Grad dress.

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