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October 29, 2001 8:32 p.m.

I did it again, and while I like this one better than the last because it has more colour, I still am not crazy about it. For one, it has nothing to do with angels or stars. I also do not understand what significance the Red Cross has on someones crotch. I do like the jacket, I must admit, and I like the boots. When my hair was still long, someone told me once I looked like her, and yes I feel special for that because I personally think, from an objective female standpoint, that she has nice breasts. Just my opinion.

I don't have the time to find a cute layout that involves angels or fairies or anything that even looks like a princess, fairy or angel, so I think that will have to wait a couple of days. For now, I'm settling with a slutty picture of Kirsten Dunst. Do not insult me!

I have a soft spot for Bring It On, what can I say.

I'm in a good mood right now because I went to the library today and took out two books: "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Catholic Chuch But Were Afraid To Ask", and "Catholic Etiquette". There were a billion other books on Catholicism there, but most had to do with the Pope or previous Popes and their evil-doings.

Right now, I'm reading and writing about Orangeism in New Brunswick in the 1840's, but I really, really wish I were reading my Catholic books. *sigh*

Do I have to tell you again? Sign the bloody guestbook already. If you already did when I was still doing the Marilyn thing, you're excused. Hugs for you. However, if you feel the need to again (I know you do), by all means, I always like feedback. Unless you're going to tell me my diary looks whore-ish.

I will change it again soon. Back to my critique on Canadian bullshit.

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